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I don't know if you guys still even use Livejournal, most of you probably don't I dont really use it anymore, but please read this if you care about this straight edge community.

THE POINT: I am not the main moderator, I have NOT CREATED THIS COMUNITY, and I have never taken this community seriously, I used it as an excuse to meet some straight edge people and keep in touch with people all over the world. The truth is that most straight edge people these days just stay in their own place and dont really speak out about their ideas on forums, and if they do, there is always some kind of beef provided by the "seriousness" or "reality" that these message boards reflect.

Now, here is the deal, as you all know this is in fact a rating community, but not many people get refused. We just keep away the people that have nothing much to do with straight edge ideals, but I feel that we could do more with it. The reason why I stayed here for all those years is because I wanted to keep that place from becoming a bitching beauty community or a hateful community, and I wanted to learn about other people. But I am not sure that a "rating community" called "thesexy_sxe" can really help each other speak their minds. We learn some stuff about each other from the applications but I think it could be a lot more.

So what I am asking you guys is to reply to this message, and tell me if you think it would be worth it to change a few things about the community and to start from new. If its not worth it, I guess we will just let this community float.

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