risetofight (risetofight) wrote in thesexy_sxe,

Edge Break Face Break

as a completely inactive member this will go unnoticed and ignored. That being said I broke edge after being edge for 6 years.

enjoy your lives.
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do you regret it?
The only thing I regret about it is the other week when i came home late , drunk and my dad was awake, and then the next say the disappointment my parents had. I never wanted to hurt them. So far thats the only thing i regret.

Deleted comment

I claimed in 7th grade, I am now a freshmen in college. I got curious about the hype. So I tried it out.
i'll be the only person in this group to say this...

good for you. straight edge is a personal thing if it ends up not being right for you then there shouldn't be an obligation to keep it up.
I got to 8.