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HEY GUYZ(I'M NEW HERE, YES, I'M A NEWBIE) [24 Jul 2008|02:01pm]

[ mood | artistic ]


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Edge Break Face Break [20 Apr 2008|03:24am]

as a completely inactive member this will go unnoticed and ignored. That being said I broke edge after being edge for 6 years.

enjoy your lives.
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NEW COMMUNITY (ALREADY) [16 Apr 2008|12:44am]

After all these posts and replies from you guys, I finally made a decision.

Not that many people replied to the name vote, but I feel like its now or never. "edgeapproach" was the name that most of the people that replied liked, so there you go:


Feel free to join and post, and give your comments about the community. If anyone wants to help, just let me know.

I'll see you there!
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[15 Apr 2008|02:07am]

I have read the replies and its seems like we all think that the best thing is to start a new community. xhellsx gave stilledge as an idea but it was already taken.

I think we should suggest names and vote for one.

Personally I have these suggestions:

What do you think about X's, or no X's? What are your ideas for a new name? Lets do a quick brainstorming and vote.
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as requested [10 Apr 2008|09:30am]

so i guess i kind got accepted in this community..
which leads me to the question, socially who do you not accept as straight edge?
to me even though i applied, the idea of a rating community for edge seems somewhat absurd :D

however by my own admission i have seen people who have applied to this community or just people in life who claim EDGE but dont actually know anything about hardcore. its more like they use it as an expression, im straight edge, kinda like "i'm a nerd" and i dont see them as being edge in the way i am.

is that arrogant and redundant? am i trying to turn straight edge into a clique by not accepting anyone who assures me that they are edge?
is someones assurance they are straight edge enough?
if they abstain from the things that are required, must they then be, vegan? part of the hardcore scene? should those things come first? are they relevant?

i live in a country where there is maybe 50 edge kids, and that is probably a generous exaggeration. kids sell out left right and centre here.
personally i believe you shouldn't be able to claim edge until you are old enough to drink, but i guess that's kind of facist.
it has no basis in how or why the straight edge movement started, i just hate seeing young kids claim edge and then sell out at 18 (legal drinking age in nz) you only get one chance to claim edge, thats why im so glad i didnt claim until i was quite a bit older.

how is straight edge still relevant to you?

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MESSAGE FROM MODERATOR [09 Apr 2008|03:29am]


I don't know if you guys still even use Livejournal, most of you probably don't I dont really use it anymore, but please read this if you care about this straight edge community.

THE POINT: I am not the main moderator, I have NOT CREATED THIS COMUNITY, and I have never taken this community seriously, I used it as an excuse to meet some straight edge people and keep in touch with people all over the world. The truth is that most straight edge people these days just stay in their own place and dont really speak out about their ideas on forums, and if they do, there is always some kind of beef provided by the "seriousness" or "reality" that these message boards reflect.

Now, here is the deal, as you all know this is in fact a rating community, but not many people get refused. We just keep away the people that have nothing much to do with straight edge ideals, but I feel that we could do more with it. The reason why I stayed here for all those years is because I wanted to keep that place from becoming a bitching beauty community or a hateful community, and I wanted to learn about other people. But I am not sure that a "rating community" called "thesexy_sxe" can really help each other speak their minds. We learn some stuff about each other from the applications but I think it could be a lot more.

So what I am asking you guys is to reply to this message, and tell me if you think it would be worth it to change a few things about the community and to start from new. If its not worth it, I guess we will just let this community float.

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[30 Aug 2007|09:38am]

this is indeed AFI related, a friend of mine is trying to raise money to buy a new guitar!
please check out these auctions for old AFI shirts from years ago, and NOFX too!

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Hey fellow edgers. [15 Aug 2007|02:22pm]

[ mood | stoked ]

My band has another new song posted. Check it out and add us, leave comments, tell us what you think! And again we recorded with Jesse from Lahar, a great band from Washington. Check them out as well if you haven't heard them.


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[03 Aug 2007|02:04am]

It's been a while since the last time I posted pictures. Last month was memorable, so here are my best memories of July:

Party at the When I Fall house, with my heart-warming person:

Our "last" show at the Break North Fest with our dear friends:
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Check out my band dudebrahs. [02 Aug 2007|06:09pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I've never posted it here before, but we've got a video up of us recording with Jesse of Lahar. Pics from recordings, lyrics posted, and one of our new songs up! Add us and tell me what you think.

Link: The Final Collapse

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[28 Jul 2007|10:35pm]

Anyone on here live in vancouver and would let me sleep on their floor for the Go it Alone last show? No date announced yet but it's late fall.
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favorite solos in hardcore songs? [17 Jul 2007|02:12pm]

What's your favorite solo in a hardcore song?


Leeway - Defy You


Unbroken - Razor
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[09 Jul 2007|01:51pm]

appCollapse )
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[06 Jul 2007|04:00pm]

I should have posted this earlier but I haven't had much internet connection...

I've been on tour for the past few weeks and wanted to let everyone know the tour dates in case they wanted to come out and hang. It'd be sweet to meet some cool new people that I have something in common with from all over.

Anyway, here is the link to my bands myspace if anyone wants to check it out.

And here are the remaining dates...

Jul 7 2007 9:00P
Soapbox Laundrolounge Wilmington, North Carolina

Jul 8 2007 6:00P
The Federal Building Waynesboro, Virginia

Jul 10 2007 5:30P
The Lions Den Altoona, Pennsylvania

Jul 11 2007 8:00P
Sterling Community Center Sterling, Virginia

Jul 13 2007 4:45P
The Vibe Lounge Rockville Center, New York

Jul 14 2007 7:00P
The Connection Waterboro, Maine

Jul 15 2007 6:00P
VFW Hall Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Jul 17 2007 7:00P
Coffee Dot Comedy Sea Isle, New Jersey

Jul 18 2007 6:30P
The Penny Arcade Rochester, New York

Jul 19 2007 7:00P
The Showplace Theater Buffalo, New York

Jul 20 2007 8:00P
YMCA Defiance, Ohio

Jul 21 2007 12:00P
SKATE-A-QUE @ Meijer Skate Park Brighton, Michigan
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Summer shows and two ridiculously huge pictures [25 Jun 2007|11:30am]

[ mood | excited ]

As we all know summer is probably the best time of the year for festivals and every year I get beyond stoked about shows that I'm planning on attending. What are some of the shows/festivals you're excited for?

The great thing about living in Western New York is that we're kind of in the middle of everything, traveling wise. We also get some great shows in the area so here's what I'm pumped for this summer:

Local shows here such as:

  • Verse with Allegiance, Achilles, Ceremony, and Down to Nothing

  • Coliseum

  • Chillin' and Grillin' Fest with Ruiner and Polar Bear Club

In other less significant news, I dyed my hair and it turned out looking like a Crayola marker.Collapse )
(Warning, huge, un-resized pictures)
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[21 Jun 2007|04:08pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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AZ+WA [19 Jun 2007|01:24pm]

[ mood | excited ]

So I arrived in Arizona at 10:30 this morning, I'm here to visit my grandma, and it dawned on me maybe there may be some of you who might hang out while I'm down here. I'm staying in Green Valley all week, I leave next tuesday. The heat is going to kill me so I'm going to need some distractions aside from two senior citizens and a pool...haha. If you feel like showing me around and or hanging out please let me know, I love to meet new people.

Show a Seattlite how to stay cool in all this heat?

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New [19 Jun 2007|01:03pm]

applicationCollapse )
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Pics from a roadtrip to Oregon with a couple friends. [17 Jun 2007|12:33pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I'm wearing the black Innes shirt and camo shorts.


+10Collapse )

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[17 Jun 2007|10:01am]

I just wanted everyone to know I just got a really sweet nintendo tattoo yesterday.

I don't have pictures yet, mainly because it's just the outline...

but I just thought everyone should know that the entire right side of my stomach/ribs/hip is a nintendo controller with all sorta of pretty around.
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