xhellsx (xhellsx) wrote in thesexy_sxe,

as requested

so i guess i kind got accepted in this community..
which leads me to the question, socially who do you not accept as straight edge?
to me even though i applied, the idea of a rating community for edge seems somewhat absurd :D

however by my own admission i have seen people who have applied to this community or just people in life who claim EDGE but dont actually know anything about hardcore. its more like they use it as an expression, im straight edge, kinda like "i'm a nerd" and i dont see them as being edge in the way i am.

is that arrogant and redundant? am i trying to turn straight edge into a clique by not accepting anyone who assures me that they are edge?
is someones assurance they are straight edge enough?
if they abstain from the things that are required, must they then be, vegan? part of the hardcore scene? should those things come first? are they relevant?

i live in a country where there is maybe 50 edge kids, and that is probably a generous exaggeration. kids sell out left right and centre here.
personally i believe you shouldn't be able to claim edge until you are old enough to drink, but i guess that's kind of facist.
it has no basis in how or why the straight edge movement started, i just hate seeing young kids claim edge and then sell out at 18 (legal drinking age in nz) you only get one chance to claim edge, thats why im so glad i didnt claim until i was quite a bit older.

how is straight edge still relevant to you?

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